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   WELCOME TO             2-FLY1          FLIGHT INSTRUCTION

Flight Instruction the Air Force way!

As a client of 2-Fly1 Flight Instruction, you’ll enjoy an excellent learning atmosphere and the experience and patience of a retired USAF flight instructor committed to excellence in airplane-single-engine land (ASEL) flight instruction.  The airplane we fly is the PA-38 Tomahawk which is based at 6J4, Saluda County.  You can find details of that airport and the Tomahawk by reading the other sections of this web site.   Please ask any questions.  You can do so using the "Get in Touch" button should you so desire.

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Instructing again!

I am now instructing private, commercial, instrument, and CFI students.  I instruct in my airplane or your airplane, but not in a communal (FBO or club) airplanes.  I instruct people whom I believe would not have asymptomatic COVID-19.    

Jay Seward, NAFI Master Instructor

The NAFI Master Flight Instructor program confers a national accreditation to aviation educators based on a system of advanced professional standards and peer review. It identifies the practitioners of aviation education who have reached the highest level of instructional activity, educational experience, and professional service to the flight-training community—the true masters of aviation instruction—and it publicly recognizes these “teachers of flight” to provide a professional standard to which all aviation educators can aspire.

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Pilots in Aircraft


What You Need To Make That Happen!

Summary of the 

FAA Requirements to Obtain a Private Pilot Certificate:

Be at least 17 years of age

Be able to read, write, and converse fluently in English

Obtain at least a third-class FAA medical certificate.

Receive and log ground training from an authorized instructor or complete a home-study course.

Pass a knowledge test with a score of 70% or better.

Accumulate appropriate flight experience.

Receive a total of 40 hr. of flight instruction and solo flight time and demonstrate skill.

Successfully complete a practical (flight) test given as a final exam by an FAA inspector or

designated pilot examiner and conducted as specified in the FAA's Private Pilot Airman Certification Standards (ACS).  These standards were previously called the Private Pilot Practical Test Standards

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Private Pilots, are YOU ready to take that second step to aviation freedom?

Summary of the FAA Requirements to Obtain a Commercial Pilot Certificate: 

Be able to read, write, and converse fluently in English.

Be at least 18 years of age.

Hold at least a current third-class FAA medical certificate. Later, if your flying requires a commercial pilot certificate, you must hold a second-class medical certificate.

Hold an instrument rating. A commercial pilot is presumed to have an instrument rating. If not, his/her commercial pilot certificate will be endorsed with a prohibition against carrying passengers for hire on day VFR flights beyond 50 NM or at night.

Receive and log ground training from an authorized instructor or complete a home-study course.

Pass a knowledge test with a score of 70% or better. The instrument rating knowledge test consists of 100 multiple-choice questions selected from the airplane-related questions in the FAA's commercial pilot test bank.

Accumulate appropriate flight experience and instruction (see FAR 61.129). A total of 250 hours of flight time is required.

Successfully complete a practical (flight) test given as a final exam by an FAA inspector or designated pilot examiner and conducted as specified in the FAA's Commercial Pilot Airman Certification Standards (formerly named the Practical Test Standards).

For more details on FAA requirements for a commercial/instrument rating, look here.

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What I Can Provide:

By offering several programs, "2-Fly1" Flight Instruction gives you the tools to gain an advantage through specialized training. Learn more about your options below, and feel free to reach out with any questions.

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Move up to airplanes with more performance!

A single engine land airplane with a fixed propeller and fixed landing gear works for flying around the flagpole but it can be the wrong mode of transportation when you want to go places and do things!  Sometimes your entry-level airplane just takes too much time or has too little capability to successfully complete your desire in the time you have available.   Complex airplanes with bigger engines and retractable gear go faster and higher and help you get where you want to go.  If you want to learn how to set your prop and raise your gear while avoiding the TSA waiting lines, look no further than the instruction you can get from 2-Fly1 Flight Instruction.  

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A Perfect Fit To Get or Maintain Currency

Whether you want instrument instruction in "steam gauges" or "glass," you can get it all here.  There are a wealth of instrument approaches within easy reach of 6J4, Saluda County.  Each has its own challenges and opportunities for learning.  The 2-Fly1 PA-38 is IFR certified and equipped to teach entry-level "glass" procedures with a basic "round dial" arrangement or we can fly your more advanced airplane.   Remember, to stay instrument current you need 6 approaches in 6 months, plus logged holding and a demonstrated ability to intercept and track courses.  If you are "under the hood" you need a safety why not get some instruction while you are honing your skills?  What you learn may save you on a day when everything is at minimums and you need to fly the picture perfect approach to your decision altitude.



Rent vs Buy

Sometimes you are between owned airplanes or you simply want to fly without the headaches associated with owning your own flying machine.  Meeting that goal is easily done as long as you show me the proficiency needed to safely fly the Piper PA-38 at 6J4.  Proficiency does not mean perfection to the n'th degree. It means safe and careful operation in compliance with the aviation regulations and demonstrating you won't damage the PA-38 and won't hurt yourself or other people.  For private pilots, I require a minimum of 10 hours of dual instruction to allow you to fly the airplane solo.  For more experienced pilots, this may be reduced to 5 hours of PA-38 time.  This will take a few sorties for you and I to be comfortable but your safety and proficiency are well worth the time invested.  Get a Flight Review this way and maximize your aviation dollars!

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Every two opportunity to learn

Every two years you are required to fly with an instructor if you want to exercise the privileges of your flying certificate.  That mandatory flight time can be laborious, or it can be enlightening...your choice. Often it is the selection of the instructor that makes a difference.  If you want instruction tailored to your desires and given in an effective and collegial manner, then you're "good to go" here.  We can use your single engine airplane or the PA-38...either will work as long as you are flying standard Cessna, Piper, Grumman (General American) or Mooney or another airplane with tricycle gear.  For the FAA's expectations on how a Flight Review should be done, read the information here.  Remember, the flight review is a minimum of 1 hour ground discussion and 1 hour inflight.  I do not fly tailwheel airplanes as I am not proficient at flying them.

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Conscientious and Competent

Success or failure in learning relies on two things that are critical aspects of communication for understanding.  The first is self-evident: the quality of the information you learn should be the best available.  The second factor is just as important: the quality of the communication path between sender and receiver.   Receiving the wrong information or being unable to hear and understand it properly results in the same possible bad outcomes.  This is why I work hard to present you the building blocks of an education about aviation in the right order, with the right emphasis, at the right time.  As a "veteran" pilot, instructor, and teacher I understand the dynamics of  your learning needs and of teaching a complex physical and mental skill.  Should you want to know more about me, you can follow this link.

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You can contact me by phone, or text, or email.  If I am flying or driving I don't answer the phone so please leave a message.  Emails or texts are preferred!  You'll find I am a great communicator and I try to answer in a timely manner.

Chapin, SC 29036, USA

803-361-1463 (cell, text capable)

Thanks for submitting!

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