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A small field with big opportunities

Saluda County is one of many county airports in rural South Carolina and it where N2331P is hangared.  Unlike some county airports in the state, it has a paved runway and 100LL fuel.  If you were not careful, you might miss it because it is off the beaten path.  It is Class G airspace, overlayed with Class E or, said another way, it is your typical airport found in God's country. However, it is just a short skip and a jump from Newberry, Greenwood, Aiken, Columbia, and Augusta, all of which are much larger and offer a variety of services, patterns, and instrument procedures.  If you want to work control tower procedures...20 minutes and you are there.  Multiple runways...20 minutes and you are there.  ILS approaches...20 minutes and you are there. 

In addition, Saluda County is blessed by having an A&P/AI on the airport.  Saluda Sky Aviation is a full-service maintenance operation run by one of the best, most conscientious and personable maintenance experts in the aviation business.  Phil Hodgens has my highest recommendation for the quality of his maintenance practices and his cost-effective approach.  Having been taught by a stalwart of proper maintenance practices in South Carolina, Bill Clamp in Newberry, Phil now well-fulfills his stated mission: “We provide quality aircraft maintenance at a reasonable cost to enrich and promote the flying experience for our clients,” he says at the top of his web page.  Phil does things the right way and at a fair price, and he won’t cut corners where the corner shouldn’t be cut!  If you want more information on Phil and his operation, follow this link to

Recently the state and municipality added a low-cost weather sensor at Saluda County.  That sensor system is the SayWeather Pro from ConnectSix LLC.  Click the unicom/CTAF frequency 4 times and state "Say Weather" and you will get current conditions at 6J4, less the sky condition and visibility which are not sensed nor reported.  You can find out more information about this system at  If you want to see a brief brochure on the system, go here.  

Weather Underground displays the current weather for this weather station. The designation at this airport is KSCSALUD20 and you can follow this link to add it to your personal WeatherUnderground Weather Station Dashboard.  

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