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An Unfortunate Tradition

Yesterday I flew a training sortie for a prospective CFI. Boy, did he fly a nice airplane while talking for an hour and 18 minutes! He’s so worried about the FAA evaluation. It is regrettable the FAA has people scared of them. He attended a Part 141 school where they actually installed fear of the local FSDO by telling him "that's a bust" on things he did on every flight. I think, in reality, he has little to worry about given his skill and personality. He’s well studied and very inquisitive…asking all the right questions. I learned a great deal watching him preflight the airplane. He checks stuff that I forgot about years ago I’m sure. I made a few helpful suggestions along the way with the most important of them being my appreciation of how hard he has worked and my belief that he can play on the FAA's field, by the FAA's rules, with the FAA's ball, and still win.

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