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Wind at your tail! Depends on your perspective.

Today I had an interesting experience. Newberry County airport is about 25 miles west of Fairfield County airport, and one of my students and I flew there today. She lives a couple hundred yards from the airport in it was fun for her kids. Anyway, the flight over to EOE took over 40 minutes. The flight back to FDW...13 minutes. As forecast, we had a wind out of the northwest at 3000 ft of over 50 knots. In addition, as forecast, there was a pretty good wind shear at 2000 ft AGL. A wind shear is a significant change in wind speed or direction and today it was a speed shear. It was smooth above 2000 ft, and bumpy below with the winds dropping to northwesterly at 15 - 20 knots at pattern altitude and then 10-15 knots at the surface. Wind shears can be dangerous if near the surface for a variety of reasons, but at this altitude it was simply educational. In addition, the strong pattern and surface winds down the runways at EOE and FDW made for some difficult conditions for my student. Wind corrections and speed management were essential throughout the patterns and landings. She handled it all very well as she saw some advanced aviation skill application on my part. Once again, a learning experience on a difficult day to fly for a student with 20 hours at most.

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